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new.gif - 2.40 Kb G.O(Rt) No. 11//2020/H&FWD 25/01/2020 ജൂനിയര്‍ ഹെല്‍ത്ത് ഇന്‍സ്പെക്ടര്‍ ഗ്രേഡ് 2 തസ്തികയിലെ യോഗ്യതകളില്‍ ഭേദഗതി വരുത്തി ഉത്തരവ്
Kerala State Palliative care Policy 2019 18/12/2019 Kerala State Palliative care Policy 2019
new.gif - 2.40 Kb G.O(Rt) No. 6165//2019/GAD 25/10/2019 National integration observance of Quami Ekta week
G.O(Rt) No. 650//2019/H&FWD 12/10/2019 ജൂനിയര്‍ ഹെല്‍ത്ത് ഇന്‍സ്‌പെക്ടര്‍ ഗ്രേഡ് 2- അംഗപരിമിതര്‍ക്ക്/ഭിന്നശേഷിക്കാര്‍ക്ക് ഈ തസ്തികയില്‍ ഒഴിവുകള്‍ മാറ്റി വയ്‌ക്കേണ്ടതില്ലായെന്ന് ഉത്തരവാകുന്നു
G.O(Rt) No. 477//2019/H&FWD 30/07/2019 ട്രാന്‍സ്‌ജെന്റര്‍ വ്യക്തികളുടെ ലിംഗ പദവി രേഖപ്പെടുത്തുന്നതിനുള്ള വ്യവസ്ഥകള്‍ നിശ്ചയിച്ച് ഉത്തരവ്‌
G.O(Rt) No. 2449//2019/H&FWD 14/10/2019 Constituted committee for determining minimum standards for dental services
G.O.(MS) No.150/2019/H&FWD 01/10/2019 Maternity leave period -revised
17/08/2019 സര്‍ക്കാര്‍ ഓഫീസുകളിലെ സമയക്രമം -വ്യക്തത വരുത്തി നിര്‍ദ്ദേശം പുറപ്പെടുവിക്കുന്നു
G.O(MS) No.122/2019/H&FWD 06/08/2019 Karunya Arogya Suraksha Padhathi (KASP) and Karunya Benevolant Fund(KBF) -Guidelines
സ.ഉ(കൈ) നം. 71/2019/ ആ.കു.വ
30/05/2019 പൊതുജനാരോഗ്യ വിഭാഗം(പബ്ലിക് ഹെല്‍ത്ത് കേഡര്‍) രൂപീകരിച്ച് ഉത്തരവ്
G.O(Rt) No. 1688//2019/H&FWD 09/07/2019 Guidelines for providing cashless treatment to beneficiaries of KASP and KBF scheme
G.O(Rt) No. 1016//2019/H&FWD 30/04/2019 Disposal of not of standard quality/blacklisted/freezed-expired drugs consumables procured and distributed through KMSCL
G.O(Rt) No. 1205/2019/H&FWD 22/05/2019 Starting of Obsteric Rapid Response teams in each of the delivery centres in kerala
G.O(Rt) No. 944/2019/H&FWD 19/04/2019 Management of RSBY, CHIS and other Insurance Receipts-Guidelines
സ.ഉ.(സാധാ) നം.883/2019 ആ.കു.വ.
06/04/2019 പകര്‍ച്ചവ്യാധി മരണങ്ങളുടെ യഥാര്‍ത്ഥകാരണങ്ങള്‍ കണ്ടെത്തുന്നതിനായി സംസ്ഥാനതലത്തില്‍ ഒരു ഡെത്ത് ഓഡിറ്റ് സമിതി-ഉത്തരവ്
G.O.(P) No.37/2019/Fin 30.03.2019 Revision of the upper monetary limit for various categories of sanctioning authorities for sanctioning NRA/Conversion of TA to NRA
G.O(MS) No.27/2018/ITD 28/10/2018 Condemnation/Scrapping/Disposal of Electronics & IT equipment -Guidelines
G.O(P) No.2/2018 /SPD 28/04/2018 Amendment to Stores Purchase Mannual 2013 -Inclusion of new chapter
G.O.(Rt) No.4815/2010 07/12/2010 റേഡിയോഗ്രാഫര്‍, എക്‌സ്‌റേ ടെക്‌നീഷ്യന്‍ തസ്തികകള്‍ സംയോജിപ്പിച്ച് ഉത്തരവ്‌
G.O(Ms) No.11/2019/H&FWD 22/01/2019 Qulification and method of appointment to the post of clinical psychologist -Amended
G.O.(Rt) No.43/2019/SJD 25/01/2019 Proposal for strengthening special education of children with intellectual disabilities
G.O.(Rt) No.241/2019/H&FWD 31/01/2019 Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis in Kollam &Kottayam
G.O.(P) No.01/2019/SPD 02/01/2019 Amendment of stores purchase manual -Incorporating a new mode of procurement reagent rental contract in health sector
G.O.(Rt) No.197/2019/H&FWD 25/01/2019 Reduction of meternal mortality ratio to 30 by 2020 and 20 by 2030
G.O.(P) No.75/2018/H&FWD 12/12/2017 കേരള പബ്ലിക് ഹെല്‍ത്ത് സര്‍വ്വീസ് വിശേഷാല്‍ ചട്ടങ്ങള്‍ 2017

G.O.(P) No.76/2017/H&FWD

G.O.(P) No.84/2018/H&FWD


ഫീല്‍ഡ് അസിസ്റ്റന്‍റുമാരുടെ പ്രൊമോഷന്‍ - ഗവണ്‍മെന്‍റ് ഓര്‍ഡര്‍

G.O.(P) No.76/2017/H&FWD

G.O.(P) No.84/2018/H&FWD

സ.ഉ.(സാധാ) നം.1548/2018/ആ.കു.വ.
150 ഫാര്‍മസിസ്റ്റു തസ്തിക വിവിധ കുടുംബാരോഗ്യ കേന്ദ്രങ്ങളിലേക്ക് അനുവദിച്ച് നല്‍കികൊണ്ടുള്ള ഉത്തരവ്‌
Government order related to General Transfer 2017 JHI Gr I
G.O(Rt)No.202/18 /H&FWD
 Government order related to General transfer 2017 JHI Gr  I
G.O(Rt) No.272/18/H&FWD  25/01/2018 Government order related to General Transfer 2017 JHI Gr I
G.O(Rt) No.3441/17/H&FWD
 Government order related to General Transfer 2017 JHI Gr I
G.O(Rt) No.3546/2017/H&FWD
Issue of OTC Drugs in Government Hospitals 
G.O(MS) No.145/2017/H&FWD06/10/2017
Verification and Santion of Reimbursement Claims-Ceiling limit Enhanced
G.O(P) No.46/2017/H&FWD

 Aardram- Transforming Primary Health Centres into Family Health Centres 

         G.O Malayalam                G.O English

G.O.(Rt) No.1662/2017 H&FWD 
01/08/2017Change in Uniform Color Pattern of Head Nurse /Staff Nurse
 G.O.(Rt) No.1662/2017 H&FWD
 Ratio fixation between Gr I & Gr II post of JHI,Staff Nurse ,Lab Technician,Pharmacist and state wide transfer of Gr post- guidelines
 GO (Rt) No. 1959/2016/HEALTH
State Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (STAGI) - Constituted
GO (Rt) No. 1947/2016/H&FWD
Examination of new Procedures and technologies introduced in Health Sector - Health Technology Assessment Committee - Constituted
GO (Rt) No. 1167/2015/H&FWD 08/04/2015 Promotion, Transfer and posting in the Administrative Cadre
Circular No 23-2015-Fin
 26-02-2015 Updation of SPARK data of employees 
G.0(Ms) No. 19/2015/Home 31/01/2015

Kerala Medico-legal Protocol for Examination of Survivor of Sexual Offences 


GO (P) No 351/2014/H&FWD
 12/12/2014 Special Rules for MCH officers, DPHN & PHN Tutor
GO(P) No 507-2014-Fin  17-11-2014 GPAI Scheme - Renewal for the year 2015-Instructions
Govt.Lr.No.44585/C2/2014/H&FWD 30/09/2014Health & Family Welfare Department. Filling of DRB vacancies - clarification 
G.O(Ms)No.251/2014/H&FWD 12/08/2014 Monthly Traveling Allowance to AIDS patients and monthly allowance to AIDS patients/dependances - modification in guidelines.
G.O(Rt)No.3303/2014/H&FWD 08/10/2014 Service of temporarily appointed staff - Extended - Orders issued 
G.O(Ms)No.60/2014/SCSTDD 25/08/2014Palakkad Medical College - seats given to all India quota 
G.O(Ms)No.288/2014/H&FWD 30/09/2014 Retirement age of doctors in Health Department - extended upto 2015 March 31
G.O(Rt)No.3074/2014/H&FWD16/09/2014 Head of Account to draw salary and allowances to the newly created posts of Pharmacist Gr II 
Govt.Lr.No.51666/H2/H&FWD06/02/2014 Compensatory leave to Para Medical Staff 
G.O(Rt)No.2626/2014/H&FWD04/08/2014Assistant Surgeons - Extension of joining time - granted

"Non Co-operation strike" from 21/07/2014 announced by KGMOA - Instructions       

Govt. Circular dtd 21/07/2014

G.O(Rt)No.1965/2014/H&FWD16/06/2014 Night duty of Nurses - regularised 
G.O(Rt)No.2291/2014/H&FWD05/07/2014Medical PG Admission 2014 - Allotment to the Service Quota seats -Permission for re counselling 
Govt. Circular No.64/2014/Fin21/06/2014 Settlement of pensionary benefits - proforma of bond to be submitted for releasing DCRG 
G.O(Rt)No.1856/2014/H&FWD 05/06/2014Maintenance of adequate stock og drugs in Govt. Hospitals - Alternate arrangements for procurement of essential drugs - sanctioned       List of 176 items
G.O(Rt)No.1411/2014/H&FWD05/05/2014Service of temporarily appointed staff - Extended - Orders issued 
G.O(Ms)No.110/2014/H&FWD26/03/2014 Retirement age of doctors in Health Department - raised to 6 months 
No.6073/FW2/2014/H&FWD22/02/2014 Protection of Children against Sexual Offences Act - Mandatory reporting of CSA cases to the Police and child frindly approach to the children brought for the medical examination - instructions 
G.O(Rt)No.945/2014/H&FWD20/03/2014 Immunization for travellers from India to Seven Polio affected countries - Identifying designated Polio Vaccination Centres and setting up of KIOSKS at Airport
G.O(Rt)No.679/2014/H&FWD26/02/2014Service of temporarily appointed staff - Extended - Orders issued 
G.O(Ms)No.55/2014/H&FWD 15/02/2014 Admission to PG Medical Courses - difficult rural areas for weightage to Service Quota Candidates - specified 
G.O(Ms)No.91/08/SCSTDD18/09/2008 SCST Development Dept. - Implementation of Comprehensive Health Care Project for STs - Modification
G.O(Ms)No.45/07/SCSTDD13/08/2007 Scheduled Tribe Development - Implementation of Comprehensive Health Care Project for STs - Administrative sanction accorded 
G.O(Ms)No.06/2014/H&FWD03/01/2014 Preservation of Medical Records and Registers - Revised Order 
G.O(Rt) No.209/2014/H&FWD20/01/2014 Service of temporarily appointed staff - Extended - Orders issued 
G.O(Rt)No.4064/2013/H&FWD06/12/2013 Plan Scheme 2013-14 - Purchase of equipments - Administrative sanction 
G.O(Ms)No.350/2013/H&FWD03/08/2013 Creation of new Dental Units and the post of Dental Surgeons 
G.O(Rt) No.1923/2013/LBR25/11/2013RSBY/CHIS-District & State level Grievance Redressal Committees - Re-costituted 
G.O(Rt)No.3923/2013/H&FWD23/11/2013 General Guidelines for night duty off for Medical Officer 
G.O(Rt)No.1831/2013/H&FWD29/05/2013 Cancellation of working arrangements of staff other than Doctors 
G.O(Rt)No.538/2013/H&FWD18/02/2013 Cancellation of working arrangements of staff other than Doctors 
G.O(Rt)No.3525/2013/H&FWD19/10/2013Validity of Medical Certificates - Status of different categoris of Medical Officers equated 
Circular No.25811/M3/2013/H&FWD26/10/2013Compliance of the Codal Provisions for the maintenance of Accounts of HDS & RSBY by the Superintendents - instructions. 
G.O(P)No.515/13/Fin11/10/2013Economy in expenditure - Enforcement of additional Economy Measures and Measures for Revenue Realization 
G.O(Ms)No.416/13/H&FWD18/10/2013Service of temporarily appointed staff - Extended - Orders issued 
G.O(P)No.254/2003/H&FWD09/12/2003Job responsibilities of Muli Purpose Health Workers and Medical Officers in Primary Health Care Institutions
G.O(P)NO.132/2004?H&FWD23/06/2004 Job responsibilities of various employees - Uniform pattern of conferences at various levels - Approved 
G.O(P)No.63/13/SJD07/08/2013 Social Justice department - re-appointement to physically handicapped employees appointed through Employment Exchange during 16.8.99 to 31.12.2003
G.O(Rt)No.3189/2013/H&FWD 11/09/2013Adhoc Bonus/Festival Allowance to the employees engaged by HDC/HMC of Govt. Hospitals - sanction accorded
G.O(Ms)No.346/2013/H&FWD 02/08/2013Guidelines for Cancer Care - sanction accorded 
G.O(Rt)No.2621/2013/H&FWD20/07/2013Admission to PG Medical Degree/Diploma courses 2013 - admission in Regional Cancer Centre, TVM - specified
No.969/A2/2007/SPD27/06/2013Store Purchase Manual(revised Edition 2013) - published
G.O(Rt)No.2433/13/H&FWD06/07/2013Service of temporarily appointed staff - Extended - Orders issued 
G.O(Ms)No.219/2013/H&FWD05/06/2013 Posting of Doctors and other staff in Medical College Hospitals and Hospitals under Health Services Department on contract basis
G.O(Rt)No.2041/2013/H&FWD12/06/2013Duties and responsibilities of Field staff and Supervisors
G.O(Ms)No.69/2013/H&FWD11/06/2013Free lab test for viral fever patients in Medical Colleges and Govt. Hospitals
G.O(Ms)No.220/2013/H&FWD06/06/2013Emergency measures for the control of viral fever and other communicable diseases
G.O(Rt)No.570/2013/H&FWD20/02/2013 Renaming of 'Koratty Govt. Leprosy Hospital' as 'Koratty Gandhigram Govt. Hospital of Dermetology' 
G.O(Rt)No.713/2013/H&fWD02/03/2013Posts of Junior Health Inspector Grade I and Grade II in Health Services Department - interchangeable - sanction accorded 
G.O(Ms)No.63/2013/H&FWD27/02/2013Condemnation of unserviceable hospital equipments, furniture and electrical equipments in all hospitals - instructions
G.O(Rt)No.738/2013/H&FWD05/03/2013Redressal of grievances of the public regarding the infrastructure inadequacies, human resources shortage etc., in our Health Care Centres - District level adalath committee constituted 
G.O(Ms)No.69/2013/H&FWD27/02/2013 Cancellation of G.O(Ms)No.78/1995/H&FWD dtd 31/03/1995
G.O(Rt)No.538/2013/H&FWD18/02/2013Cancellation of Working Arrangement to all categories except Doctors in Health Services Dept
Govt.Lr.No.56454/A3/2012/H&FWD03/01/2013Creation of posts of General category Doctors and Staff Nurses - Head of Account for meeting expenditure
G.O(Rt)No.53/2013/LSGD07/01/2013Pulse Polio Immunisation 2013 - Permissive sanction for funds from Local Self Government Institutions
G.O(Ms)No.434/12/H&FWD22/12/2012 Service of temporarily appointed staff - Extended - Orders issued.
G.O(Ms)No.396/2012/H&FWD 27/11/2012Creation of posts of 210 General category Doctors and 570 Staff Nurses in major hospitals
G.O(Ms)No.332/12/H&FWD 05/10/2012Service of temporarily appointed staff - Extended - Orders issued.
G.O(Ms)No.330/12/H&FWD 05/10/2012Service of Employees deputed for pre monsoon sanitation - period extended
G.O(Rt) No.3288/2012/H&FWD05/10/2012Medical Education Service - National Eligibilty-cum-Entrance Test -PG (NEET-PG) 2013 - Guidelines
G.O(Ms)No.308/2012/H&FWD 20/09/2012Service of temporarily appointed Doctors, Staff Nurses and Lab. Technicians - Extended - Orders issued.
G.O(Ms) No.2930/2012/H&FWD07/09/2012Compensation leave to Para Medical Staff of Health Services Department - Enhancement -
G.O(Ms)No.283/2012/H&FWD27/08/2012Service period of Doctors in Health Services Department extended upto 31/03/2013
G.O(P)No.442/2012/Fin08/08/2012 Fiscal management measures to control expenditure to achieve fiscal consolidation
G.O(P)No.441/2012/Fin 08/08/2012Fiscal management measures to control expenditure to achieve fiscal consolidation 
Circular No.49/2012/Fin 04/08/2012 Family pension for life to disabled sons/daughters of Govt. servants/pensioners - Issuance of Medical Certificate - Instructions
G.O(P)No.435/2012/Fin  01/08/2012 Pension - Payment of higher rate of family pension - enhancement of age limit
G.O(P)No.421/2012/Fin28/07/2012Enhancement of Age of Retirement - Re-option for fixation of pay 
G.O(Ms)No.236/2012/H&FWD 25/07/2012 Kerala Govt. Servants Medical Attendance Rules 1960 - Verification and Reimbursement Claims - Ceiling Limit - Enhanced
G.O(P)No.373/2012/Fin 04/07/2012 Revision of Pension in respect of UGC/AICTE/MES Pensioners - Modification
Circular No7049/ Adv.C3/2012/P&ARD20/04/2012Recruitment to Public Service - Advance intimation to the KPSC regarding anticipated vacancies - instructions
G.O(P)No.230/2012/Fin 19/04/2012Revision of pension and Family pension - modification
G.O(P)No.08/2012/Fin05/01/2012Pay revision 2004 - permission to exercise re-option - sanctioned
G.O(P)No.39/2011/P&ARD 23/12/2011Revised qualification for the post of Last Grade Servants, L D Clerks, L D Typist, Confidential Assistant Gr II, etc - protection clause for employees who entered service before 1/7/2011
G.O(Ms)No.567/11/H&FWD 14/12/2011Restructuring of the Administrative Cadre under Health Services Department
Circular No.77/11/Fin 02/11/2011Disbursement of Pensionary benefits - reg
G.O(P)No.450/11/Fin 18/10/2011General Provident Fund - Withdrawal from the fund - Revision of upper monetory limit for various categories of sanctioning officers
G.O(P)No.419/11/Fin 04/10/2011Temporary Advance - Drawal of Temporary Advance and delayed refund of Excess Advance - Levy of Interest - Revised
G.O(P)No.402/11/Fin 23/09/2011Disbursement of Personal Entitlements of Employees including self drawing officers of all Govt. Departments through Banks - sanctioned
G.O(P)No.389/11/Fin 15/09/2011Revision of Pension of Pre-1/7/2009 Pensioners - Anomoly in Fixing Pension - Clarification
G.O(P)No.364/11/Fin 25/08/2011DA Arrears - Crediting to PF Accounts - Time Limit Extended
G.O(P)No.363/11/Fin 25/08/2011Air Journey by Ministers and Senior Officers - Modified instructions
G.O(Rt)No.4353/11/H&FWD  19/12/2011Strengthening of one hospital in each district - direction to KMCL
 G.O(Ms)No.232/11/Home 22/10/2011Medico-legal Code - Post-mortem examination and certification etc - Guidelines.
  Govt. Order        Introduction        The Kerala Medico-legal Code   
           Annexure 1         Annexure 2