Officers in the Directorate of Health Services
Name of Officer
Phone No/Fax No.
 Director of Health Services Dr. Sarita.R.L 0471-2303025/2303025
 Addl.DHS(Medical) Dr. B. Sreelatha  0471-2303360/2303360
 Addl.DHS  (Admn & Trg) Dr.Sameera.A 
 Addl.DHS (FW) Dr.Ushakumari.S 0471-2303080/2303080
 Addl.DHS (TB) Dr.Parvathy. A.P
 Add.DHS (PH) Dr.Reena.K.J 0471-2302160/2302160
 Addl.DHS (Vig)  0471-2302869
 Addl.DHS (Plg) Dr.Raju.V.R 0471-2303360
 Asst. Director (ORT ) Dr. Manjula Bhai N.S
 Asst. Director (Plg)  Dr. Anil 
 IUD- MO Dr. Bipin K Gopal  
 Dy.DHS (Dental) Dr. Simon Morrison
 Dy.DHS (Mdl) Dr. Bindu Mohan
 Dy. DHS (PH)
 Dr. Meenakshy
 Dy.DHS (OPH) Dr. Ajakumary 0471-2306012/2306012
 Dy.DHS (PM&R)  0471-2301906/2301906
 Dy.DHS (Leprosy)(PH) Dr. Padmalatha 0471-2302745/2302745
 Stores Officer (Govt. Medical Stores) Sri.P.D.Krishna Raj 0471-2302490 Extn 205
 Asst.Dir. (Entomology)  
 State Health Transport Officer Sri.R.T.Madhu0471-2302490 /Extn.278
 Senior Administrative OfficerSmt.Usha Rani.P
 Senior Finance Officer  0471-2304640/2304640 
 Finance Officer  0471-2304640/2304640
 Engineer Laison OfficerSri.Manojkumar.M
 0471-2302490 Extn 333
 Law OfficerSri.Jeevan.N 
0471-2302490 Extn 204