Nipah Virus

09/09/2021  IEC Nipah 
07/09/2021  IEC Nipah 
06/09/2021  Nipah Basics ppt for training purposes
05/09/2021  Nipah 2- Nipah Treatment Protocol (Amendment – Sept 2021)
05/09/2021  Management plan for NIPAH in Kozhikode
05/09/2021  Nipah Virus infection control – update Guideline

Nipah Virus infection control – Guidelines-revised(updated on 07.06.2019)
Nipah Virus infection- Guidelines
Guidelines on use of Masks for Health Care Workers,Patients and Members of Public
Guidelines for Screening Centres and Isolation Facilities in Hospitals
Infection Control Practice for NIPAH Virus Prevention(02/06/2018 Updated)
Health Advisory to Persons Traveling to Kerala
Activities of NIPAH Cell
Infection Control -NIPAH

IEC Nipah